Flowerselections represents the following companies:

Arno Vollebregt

This grower is specialised in cyclamen. The seed is produced by the breeders Schoneveld, Morel, Vollebregt, Varinova and Scholten.

Rudy Raes

Rudy Raes features a comprehensive range of seeds (for example violets, primula’s and perennials). He also delivers various sorts of cuttings from bedding plants.

Breeder of different kinds of Helleborus, from meristem and seeds. In this he has several series: Orientalis, Foetidus, Niger, X sternii, Botanical and the Winter Magic Collection.

Leverancier van jonge planten en veredelaar van verschillende helleborus, uit meristeem en zaad. Hierin heeft hij verschillende series: Orientalis, Foetidus, Niger, X sternii, Botanisch en de Winter magic collection.

De Zonnebloem

The growth of container plants from cuttings and tropical and perennial ferns is the biggest focus of this company.

Hethor breeds Primula (Acaulis, Petticoat, Stiletto, Petito, Coco) and Ranunculus Rebecca.

Hethor is een veredelaar en producent van primula’s (Acaulis, Petticoat, Stiletto, Petito, Coco) en Ranunculus Rebecca.


PAC is known for the geraniums, the cuttings of bedding plants (genetics PAC and third parties), Sundaville and Lannes sorts, Mandaville and Poinsettia’s (genetics PAC and third parties).

De Kemp

De Kemp breeds strawberry plants, these are divides into four stadia: Early (Lambada, Flair, Clery, Rumba, Darselect, Honeoye), Mid (Korona, Elsanta, Sonata, Polka, Vivaldi, Elianny), late (Figaro, Salsa, Symphony, Florence, FF-1004, Jive, Malwina) and by carriers (Ostara)


Pellens is a Family company which Flowerselections sells Hortensia’s (10 cm pots till 46 Litre pots) and root, hang and pyramid Hortensia’s for.


Flowerselections takes care of the sales of young plants from Cold Crest, topped in a tray 104, from Amstelzicht.